How To Dunk – Tips For Improving Your Vertical Jump


Hey, Adam here and I’d like to thank you for visiting the site. Please take a look around and enjoy the videos, articles and training tips. We’ve tried to build a great resource for anybody looking to improve their vertical jump with a focus on dunk skills, plyometric fitness and basketball, but there’s plenty here for volleyball players and people looking to improve their speed and fitness.

One of the greatest sights in sport has to be the dunk. For sheer athleticism and amazing spectacle the dunk ticks all the boxes. If you can consistently perform this you will stand out from almost all other players on the court and if you follow some techniques you can become a master no matter how tall you are.

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1. First, you need to make sure you warm up. You don’t want to put yourself out of action before you’ve even started so start with a gentle warm up session.

2. If you can get access to an adjustable height basket then make sure you use it. This will get you used to the dunking process and you can gradually raise the rim. Don’t worry if you can’t do this though, it’s not completely essential.

3. Concentrate and make sure you have 100% focus. Don’t just think about jumping as high as you can, maintain a solid focus and visualize yourself dunking the ball. This is the technique that all pro athletes use and you should start using it too.

4. Increase your vertical jump ability. You can do this with plyometric exercises and done correctly you should see great improvements. Basically you jump and then as you hit the ground your muscles relax very briefly before you then explode into another jump. This explosive movement helps to build your muscular power and power output. Make sure you are careful when doing these exercises as they are very straining and exhaustive.

5. Practice on the court. Get out onto the court and practice jumping and touching the net. Also you want to make sure you are handling the ball and getting used to holding it as you jump. If you can’t control the ball as you rise then it doesn’t matter how tall you are or how high you can jump, so get used to handling it under pressure.

6. Pick up some good shoes. Make sure you have some quality basketball shoes that are supporting you as you jump. The price is not important, just make sure you have adequate support and you should see some automatic improvements.

7. Keep at it. If you are just starting then you need to be persistent but do not over train. This can put you out of action for a while so be sensible, but make sure you keep practising even if you are struggling. That is only natural and if you can push past this point you should see some rapid improvements.

Okay, I hope you liked the tips. But remember these are just the absolute basics. To really separate yourself from the wannabes you need a plan and some solid techniques to supercharge the process.

We’ve got loads of videos and articles to help with all aspects of jump training, but I’d also recommend follow a training program that gives you an A to Z plan. 

For a clear plan, head over to here and check out this site. This is the guy that I learned from. His name is Jacob and he’s trained NBA and Olympic athletes. Watch the video on the first page and you’ll be amazed. Jacob really knows what he’s talking about. Go here now…

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