Basketball Drills For Beginners – Simple Dos & Don’ts

By | July 31, 2011

Keen to enhance your basketball skills? Want to make sure you have effective training sessions? Considering any new training plan requires thought. Read our basketball drills for beginners guide, for those who want to get the most from their training.

When it comes to any kind of athletic training, it’s easy to throw yourself at something, full steam ahead. It’s inevitable that you’re going to want to get the best results you can, as quickly as you can. You may see experienced athletes training, and want to replicate what they do. This could be a big mistake.

basketball drillsHere are a few simple dos and don’ts, aimed to get you thinking; any time you are considering starting a new training program, this could be useful advice.


Do: Take the time to understand what your training involves. Having a good understanding of what you are going to put yourself through can be a clear reminder to pace yourself. Study your training plan thoroughly, for best results.

Do: Ensure you are putting plenty of emphasis on warm up and cool down phases. It is important that you’re leading into and out of any training, to make sure your muscles are fully prepared for the effort.

Do: Consider getting some training guidance. This could be something as simple as an online training plan, or it could involve professional coaching. Either way, you get the guidance you need.

Do: Keep your training varied. You don’t want to put too much pressure on any individual areas of the body. Making sure that you can vary the activity means you develop all your skills, while avoiding too much pressure on the body.

Do: Ensure that you are getting plenty of rest between sessions, especially if you are completing high impact basketball drills.


Don’t: Make sure that you don’t try to do too much too quickly. Basketball drills for beginners need to be managed correctly. If you don’t have a thorough approach to building up the intensity, you may find that you cause yourself damage.

Don’t: Try to avoid doing too much training during the peak of your playing season. The season is a great time for condition, the off-season is much better, if you want to develop something like your jump skills

Don’t: Ignoring medical and coaching advice can be thoroughly damaging. Make sure you are in good shape before considering any training. If you are recovering from a sprained ankle, dribbling drills are clearly a no go!

Don’t: Forgetting to factor in the importance of nutrition can be costly. Basketball drills for beginners can require a lot of energy, and muscle rebuilding requires plenty of high quality nutrition.

Don’t: Avoid the temptation to guess what’s going to work. If you’re unsure about what to do, try consulting a professionally made training plan.

Remember: Training should be fun and rewarding. Basketball drills for beginners should be no different to drills for professionals, in this regard. Work hard and enjoy!

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