Become A Better Basketball Player

By | July 17, 2010

In trying to become the best dunker, it’s easy to forget about the importance of being the best basketball player too. I’ve certainly been there, but here are some tips to make sure you keep working on your total game, while you work on your dunk.

Don’t Forget The Fundamentals

Make time for the core skills of basketball, even if you are working hard on your vertical jump. Your passing, dribbling and footwork are as important to your game as being able to make an awesome dunk.

Remember that every skill, in basketball, is interconnected. So, improving your dribble will improve your shooting. You’ll get more confident in your ball handling, which you give you a better feel for your shots. Focus on becoming the best all-rounder you can.

Practice Effectively

It’s no good just spending hours out on the court, without any particular aims. In fact, too much training could damage your body. So, you have to be training with a purpose and try to focus enough to get value out of each session.

It’s usually best to focus on the quality of your moves and try to get good repetitions of each motion you practice, whether it’s dribbling or 3 point shots. Try to make sure that the drills and sessions you perform relate to the game, as you would actually play it. In other words, make sure it simulates what you would do on the court, during a game.

Get Training Variety

As much as you’ll want to practice certain areas of your game, it’s important to get a certain amount of variety in your training regime. As well as practicing alone you could benefit from some one on one, or larger group training.

Try not to overdo any one particular training task, as you don’t want to cause yourself an injury. Many injuries are created, as a result of imbalanced training methods, so it’s vital you balance your body’s training loads.

Learn From Other People

Are there people out there that you can learn from? When you play, there’s probably other players with skills you could gain from. Maybe, there’s something you could teach them. Exchanging skills can be a good way to improve, but you’ve got to be open to the idea of learning.

Don’t be afraid to listen to feedback from other players, if they become open to giving it to you. Even if it seems like someone is criticizing you, you should listen, as long as what they say is reasonable and constructive. Don’t react negatively to an opportunity to tune and improve your game.


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