Become The Complete Basketball Player

By | February 24, 2011

No matter how or when you play Basketball, there’s a certain amount of importance to be placed on becoming a well rounded, complete player. Whether you think you need to learn how to jump higher, or to improve your defense, there’s a lot to be said for rounded training and development.

Many amateur athletes, perhaps even some professionals, work too much on individual skills in isolation. If this wasn’t the case, the world would be devoid of trainers and coaches, who aim to focus the athlete on certain areas, without losing sight of the overall big picture.

For example, if you want to learn how to dunk, you shouldn’t do so at the expense of other skills. Working on your general athletic toning, for example, will enhance your ability to jump, if are more flexible and faster moving as a result.

Remember, if you are playing competitively, at any level, there will be some degree of competition, for you to work against. This could be a quick game of Basketball with colleagues, or it could be an amateur league. In any case you will notice that other players are very observant. The best of these other players will always be looking for a competitive advantage.

If you do not train to be the best possible all round Basketball player, you will leave yourself open to other players identifying your weaknesses, which will allow them to be exploited. Leaving yourself open to this kind of scrutiny will reduce the chances of you playing to your maximum advantage.

It can be very helpful to analyze your performance, in order to decide what those weaknesses are. It’s very important to be very honest with yourself about this, there’s no point at all in being defensive, or unwilling to identify the areas you could improve on. Now is not the time to be arrogant about your abilities.

Make a note of the areas that you really want to improve. You can work on the issues you find individually, or more helpfully, perhaps, by working on them all a little at a time, so that you are continuously improving various aspects of your game.

It can be dispiriting to work on one area for extended periods of time, plus you can increase your chances of injury too. Also, remember that you are looking to be the best possible all round Basketball player, so you’ll want to work on your skill gaps persistently, rather than trying to eliminate a single gap in your skill set.

Observe other players who have good skills in the areas you want to improve. Do you think that these are skills they have picked up, through training and hard work, or were they born with these skills. In most cases, they will have worked on them. If they are friends or teammates, you may be able to ask them for help and advice, in order to improve your own play.


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