Can Plyometric Training Make Me Jump Higher?

By | May 13, 2010

Even if you keep up with lots of different types of training systems there’s a good chance you might not be familiar with Plyometric Training. This article will discuss why you should get to know, if you have any reason to want to jump higher.

Whether it’s Basketball, Volleyball or Track & Field, you can get a killer advantage by applying these methods to pile on the vertical.

What is Plyometric Training?

Okay, so this is the short version- it’s a system of drills that are designed to increase the explosive energy available to your body. Using Plyometric methods will give you powerful reactive strength, which you can release like a spring. Can you think of a time where a little extra spring would have been useful?

The methods of Plyometrics are designed not just as a means of jumping higher, though they will certainly do some serious work on your verticality. The method also focuses on getting your body to be better at absorbing the shocks of landing and unleashing the body’s stored energy.

Where Did Plyometrics Come From?

It’s a system that was originally designed in Eastern Europe, during the 1970’s. It was developed for Olympic athletes, around the time where the Eastern Europeans started winning medals all over the place.

Since then, it’s been developed and applied all over the world. The name was thought up by Fred Wilt, an American coach in the mid 1970’s and it’s a system that’s been in development ever since. It’s been applied to a wide range of sports, from Football to Weight Lifting.

Can I benefit From Plyometric Training?

Want to dunk, spike a ball harder or get that next level high jump cleared? Sick of getting out jumped by rivals, that don’t have your skills in other areas? Well, you should find that Plyometric training gives the edge you deserve.

Plyo will benefit those who are looking to add versatility. Are you a one or two foot jumper? Following the techniques can help to add much more versatility to your jump techniques.

Plyometrics’ll give you more spring and pop, no matter what sport you practice- and that can really make a difference. Sometimes it could be the difference between scoring that result or not.

If you’re convinced that you have to be ‘basketball’ tall to dunk, you’ll be happy to know you are wrong. Almost anyone can dunk, with the right kind of explosive power. And almost any sport can benefit from being able to unleash a charge of stored up, explosive energy.


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