Dealing with the Game’s Big Players

By | July 3, 2010

Basketball attracts some huge guys, right? Seven footers are fairly common in the professional game, but even as an amateur, you’ll come up against guys approaching that size pretty regularly. If you’re nowhere near that height, it’s easy to think they can get the edge on you, but you can turn the tables on these giants.

Get In A Leaner, Fitter State

The massive guys of basketball may have a natural height advantage, but however fit he is, he’s going to weigh more than a smaller player. Think of how dense and muscle laden some of the classic super tall centers are, and remember that muscle weighs more than fat. They’ll need more of that muscle to elevate them, than a shorter player would.

If you can develop your jump, without getting too weighed down with muscle, you’ll have the potential to out-jump and out-maneuver these towering players. Always find ways to turn what appears to be a disadvantage, into an advantage.

High Speed = High Jump

Explosive energy is king, when it comes to jumping high and outreaching your opponent. Work on getting your speed up and you’ll have more chance of out-jumping super tall players.

As well as developing the height you need, getting more speed up will help you to out-move them too. Getting the pop in your jump means you’ll have a greater chance of changing direction quickly, so you hit them from a different angle at the last second. Use this to stay one step ahead of your opponent, however high they stand.

The Persistence Advantage

It’s going to take time to get the ultimate results from your vertical jump, but developing that commitment and ultimate focus will pay off. It’s good for developing self-discipline, if you have to work hard at something. When you get the results you want you’ll already have that killer instinct, to go up against anyone.

If someone’s super tall, they won’t have worked as hard as you, in order to get up there. Remember this and visualize getting the dunk on anyone who gets in your way.

Exercise All Your Muscles

One big mistake that people often make is to exercise one or two groups of muscles, or to put too much focus on one area, at the expense of others. The key to unlocking your potential lies with making sure that all the boxes are ticked. Get a good balance, and you’ll make yourself unstoppable, even if your opponent has inches on your height.

At every turn, you’re going to want to be the best informed player, with the best understanding of how to improve your game. This is how you’ll beat guys with the height advantage, along with every other player you meet.

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