Freak Jumping Technique Reloaded Review

By | July 5, 2011

Is the promise of an instant jump height boost realistic, and can it work for you and every other athlete out there? Read on to find out.

When a training program promises instant gains to your jump, you have to pay attention. But, with such a huge claim, you’d be right to want to know more. It stands to reason that big claims need proper examination, to make sure they stand up to scrutiny. Which is why, as a committed dunk enthusiast, I have committed to writing this review of a new product, called Freak Jumping Technique Reloaded.

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Of course, you may have gathered from the name, at least, this is not so much a new and untested system, it is the expansion and crystallization of one man’s ideas on jump training, concentrated on adding a lot of height to your performance. It comes from an expert point of view, from a coach, who has learned the lessons of jump height first hand.

Adam Linkenauger is the name to note here. He’s created Freak Jumping Technique Reloaded as a program that can used by almost any athlete, to ensure that they can develop their jump technique quickly and easily. He started the journey of developing his jump skills, by competing in High School and College High Jump competitions, and developed his approach from there.

Okay, so you may know that you can learn how to jump higher, but do you know how to virtually guarantee results? Well, Adam does, because he’s been there, done it and now he’s written the manual. And, there’s more to it than just working hard, I can tell you right now. You need to know the wheres, whens and whys, if you want to create the ultimate jump higher results.

As for the claims that you can see instant results, well that’s a big claim. There’s no shying away from that. How can an athlete make any kind of gain, at all, overnight? Thankfully, this will become clear when you check out Freak Jumping Technique Reloaded! Let’s just say there are certain things that a lot of athletes don’t do right, when it comes to improving their vertical.

Of course, it all becomes clear when you think about it, or at least it should, if you are serious about your approach to jumping. No matter what sport or athletic discipline, you will have noticed that some people jump well, while others don’t. Once you grasp that, it’ll all fall into place, so let’s call it near instant, just to be clear!

freak jumpingDon’t be tempted to put your success or failure down to anything but your approach to jump training, and the right coaching support. You can make your jump technique work, to the point where you have the absolute advantage over any rival!

Of course, instant gains are one thing, but if you want to unlock your total potential, you need to work on all elements of your jump technique. That’s why the program is designed to be fully comprehensive.

Sure, you can use some of the secrets, alongside your existing training, but you’ll probably find you can get more from a specialized training program, that should see you add further inches over 8 weeks of guided drills.

What seems to be resonating with athletes, as much as anything else, is the fact that this is not a program that’s going to take a lifetime to unleash the power of. You can continue to add to your skills, but the bulk of the program requires a short time to complete. Responses suggest 8 weeks could have a major impact on your performance.

Jumping higher with Freak Jumping Technique Reloaded is a very real possibility, for a determined athlete geared towards success. Whether you’re relatively new to jump training, or looking for a little variety and some secrets, you should check it out.

In most cases, you should see near-instant results, backed up by a longer term strategy, to unlock your potential. Because this can work for almost any athlete, you’ll want to check it out today!

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