How To Capture The Impact Of A High Power Dunk

By | December 1, 2011

When it comes to spectacle, there aren’t many things that can outstrip the impact and spectacle of a slam dunk. Dunking looks so good, that the all star weekend is incomplete without the ultimate contest of slam dunk skills.

It makes the crowds excited; it makes the top athletes into household names, with shoe endorsements and media contracts. Dunking turns everything into something better. So, it’s no wonder that almost every basketball player wants to learn how to dunk.

Of course, they all want to know how to stop other players dunking too, which is good, because it’s all closely related. Swiping away a dunk can be just as spectacular, and it relies on the same basic skill set, to get you up there.

Learning how to jump higher is the order of the day. Being able to reach the highest heights, so that getting the ball into the hoop becomes trivial, is the ultimate goal. If you want to know how to dunk, you’ve got to be able to jump high, and it helps if you can jump higher than everyone else on the court too.

Learning to jump higher can take a significant investment of time and effort, but we’ve already established just how amazing the results can be, for any athlete. With that in mind, it pays to understand exactly how you can learn to jump higher.

The secrets of developing an amazing jump technique are diverse, and outside the scope of a short article, but what we can share, in this time, is an insight into how you can develop the killer jump skills that separate the average from the outstanding. Mastering this principle should steer you towards the jump training you require, to get where you want to go.

If you want to be the best jumper you can be, so that you can swoop down on the net, with a killer dunk, you need to understand the principle that allows almost any athlete to master their jump game. It’s all about the principle of explosive power.

Explosive power allows you to crank the juice from your muscles, squeezing it into pure jumping energy. It allows you to launch yourself into the air like a space shuttle, and it’s all about how you train your muscles to respond.

You need to have the control over your central nervous system, which allows you to unleash power quickly and flexibly, so that you can explode towards the hoop. You achieve this by tuning your body’s responses, as well as having the strength to unleash the coiled spring of your jump skills.

Making the most of this jump height potential means having powerful muscles, which aren’t being slowed down, by ineffective training. Having the right training can ensure that you can be strong without being slowed down by unresponsive muscles.

In order to get this right, you need a comprehensive jump training program, which will take into account the multi-faceted needs that must be taken into account. You will need to match the need for power and quickness, to unleash your full potential.


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