How To Jump Higher

By | August 10, 2009

If you are wondering how to jump higher and add some extra inches to your vertical then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve got some top tips to share with you that should help you a great deal.

Okay let’s get started:

Make sure you warm up. So many people neglect this part but if you warm up you’re muscles will be stretched and it much better shape to make big leaps. You’ll also help to prevent any injuries of course.

Make sure you are completely focused. Visualization is an important part of pro sports and if you speak to athletes such as 100m sprinters for example they will tell you they see the race in full before its even happened. Get into the habit of focusing on what you are about to do.

Start dunking one-handed first. When you have mastered that you can move to two-handed. This way you can get the most reach potential first from your individual arms before switching to both arms.

Try stair running. This will strengthen your legs and particularly your calf muscles. This is important for getting that fast explosive action as you jump up.

Use jump rope to work your leg muscles and increase mobility. This can be very effective in adding power which will then give you some extra inches in your jump.

Don’t grab onto the rim when you are just starting. There is a tendency to want to grab hold of the rim and I know we’ve all been there. But when you are just starting out you should avoid this and focus on the action and movement your body makes.

Work on your handling of the basketball. This is very important as when you are in mid-air the worst thing you can do is lose your control on the ball. Get used to having the ball in each hand and improving your grip.

Okay, that’s just the basics covered. To really add some serious inches to your vertical jump head over to this site:


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