How To Measure Your Vertical With No Device

By | September 9, 2013

In the video below Jacob Hiller, from the Jump Manual vertical jump training program, gives his tips on how to accurately measure your vertical jump if you don’t have access to any professional devices. Check out the notes below if you don’t have time to watch the video in full.

grab a tape measure & make sure the rim is 10ft because many aren’t

if using the rim, reach up in the air with the tape measure and see what the difference is
if, for example, it is 30 inches then jumping from a standing point and touching the rim will give you a 30 inch vertical, but
if you can jump to your wrist level then just add on the additional measurement from your wrist to the tips of your fingers

you can use tape measure with the rim or just a wall will do

Jacob makes the point that you always need to be measuring

alternative suggestion for the home is to reach the ceiling, next you can reach ceiling with knuckles and wrist – measure jump to ceiling first then add on extra inches from knuckles, wrist or even elbow to tips of fingers when extended

if you have access to a backboard, put some tape or paint on fingers then jump up to your maximum – then to measure vertical leap you measure from the point you can reach with your arms reaching up to their highest point and the mark you made on the wall

the aim is to find out what is your standing reach and what is the highest point you can touch from your standing reach

need to do this often – try to do it every session because you will get a different reading each time so the frequency will give you a more accurate overall reading

additionally, you will be motivated to exceed your current best – learning how to jump higher is about training and also motivating yourself

another benefit is you can find out if your central nervous system is fatigued – if your results keep on going down it may be due to fatigue


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