Improve Your Basketball, Even When You’re Off The Court

By | July 21, 2010

There’s nothing better than hitting the court and working on your dunk or your 3 point shot. And maybe you work on your dribble, every opportunity you get. But there’s ways of improving your game, without even touching a basketball, which most players fail to take advantage of.

Watch The Pros

You can learn a lot from watching video of the top players in action, and this has never been easier. If you remember the days when internet video was grainy and slow, you’ll know we live in amazing times. There’s lots of footage out there, on the video sites, showing NBA star highlights, as well as professional dunkers and other great athletes.

Pay close attention to the moves they pull, the way they position themselves and the flow of play. Become a better analyst of the game, as it stands to reason that this will make you a better player. You might not be able to recreate exactly what the pros do, but you can find ways that you can develop your game, aiming to match it as a longer term goal, if you’re especially ambitious.

Watch Yourself

It’s so easy to record yourself in action right now. If you have a cell, that’s not totally ancient, you have the capacity to record video that’s good enough to learn from. If you need something high detail to get stuck into the tiny details, video cameras, these days, will blow your mind in the detail they pick up.

Use it to record your play, the way professional coaches record games, to analyse the performance afterwards. Working on a new dunk and it’s not coming off the way you’d hoped? Get it down on video and watch it later. Slow down the footage if you have to- try to catch the exact thing that’s not working. Then, try to correct it, next time you play.

Use The Internet

Finding this article means you know how to use it, right?! But there’s so many great resources out there, to help you to develop your basketball skills. There are people who’ve been through this themselves, happy to share their tips and tricks.

Maybe you should bookmark my site or sign up to the mailing list too. I regularly add articles to help people shape their dunk and their overall game. Plus there’s reviews and recommendations of the best training products.

Because, when it comes to training products, there are professional coaches out there, who’ve put together comprehensive programs, aimed at shaping up your dunk or your basketball skills. And whether you want to be a pro or you’re an after work baller, there’s so much to soak up.

It’s the kind of stuff that would fill huge books and videos when Michael Jordan was young- imagine if he’d had the internet and high def recording!


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