Increase Your Vertical and Get Dunking

By | May 13, 2010

Have you ever told anyone that you want to maximise your ability to jump, only to be told it’s near impossible? Have you ever witnessed someone training really hard, only to get little or no extra pop to their jump? Maybe you’ve done these things and felt the rumble of dissatisfaction yourself. In any case, it’s time to clear the air, so you can get up there and jam that ball.

Trash the Old School Thinking

I think we’re finally getting to the stage where most people have abandoned the idea that jumping ability is something that’s purely genetic. These days, it’s rare that someone will say that “You’ve either got it or you haven’t” and mean it.

If they say it and mean it, they’re probably so old school as to think Chucks are cutting edge sports footwear! Otherwise, the chances are, they’re making excuses why they’ve never really improved their jump. Because it’s a fact that almost anyone can increase their vertical.

Think New and Next

Once you accept that almost anyone can pile on that vert, you need to question why so many people fail in their attempts to get the air they want. I call this Dunk Logic, and there are a lot of people out there, trying to get vertical, without getting the results they want. Sometimes they’re working out hard- but it just isn’t working out.

You have to figure that people using the wrong type of methods if they are not getting the results they want, because we know it isn’t genetics holding them back. It’s so common for people to use a really simple mental process to decide how they are going to improve their jump.

Watch this cool video on slow vs fast twitch fibers:

Don’t Make the Wrong Leap

They think muscles make me jump, so if I build up my muscles I’ll jump higher, right? Well, it’s not right if you start thinking like a bodybuilder and building muscles to match that mindset. You need to make sure you develop muscle like an athlete or you’ll end up with slower muscle reactions, which won’t help you if you want to stay fast and agile.

You need to know that increasing muscle size does not automatically increase the muscle output. If you want to increase the force that your muscles can exert you need to get away from the mindset of a bodybuilder. They want big muscles; you want a fast and toned body- because that’s what’ll increase your vertical.


2 thoughts on “Increase Your Vertical and Get Dunking

  1. Jack B.

    no more excuses- this year i get some serious dunking done.

  2. Bobby

    People who say it’s genetic are DEFINITLY making excuses

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