Is This The Time To Think About Learning How To Dunk?

By | September 30, 2010

As I write this, the NBA season is almost here. Just realizing this has me pumped, for a new season of basketball. This is extra energy, which I’ll translate into extra energy when I’m training, and when I’m out on the court.

Right now NBA teams will be getting ready to perform at their best, getting the last of their major training opportunities before the rigorous schedule of the NBA is with them.

So, although I only play with my co-workers, I like to put a little more effort than ever, whenever I feel the season’s coming close. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be watching as excitement builds and basketball fever hits its peak.

I fully expect a new batch of co-workers, especially those straight out of college, to take an interest in our basketball games, as well as learning to dunk.

And, for those who are in college, starting or graduating this year, they may have a little more time, until the season starts, but thinking about the upcoming season, and how they can improve their dunk will be foremost on their minds.

High Schoolers, too- seems like everyone’s going to have basketball on their minds!

But, if you’re thinking about learning to dunk, or want to improve your dunk, you’ve got plenty to think about as well as put into practice.

Getting the jump height you want is a precise art form, with plenty of hidden depths, which you’ll need to master if you want to add that extra distance to your dunk potential.

Before you can maximize your jump, you’ll need to understand a lot of different elements, which go towards creating an amazing dunk practitioner.

Well, if you’re thinking about learning how to dunk, here’s your first piece of advice, or dunk logic as I call it; there’s a lot more to dunking than fitness alone. If you think that simply training harder will deliver epic dunking results, you’ll probably have poor results at best.

Unfocused dunk training is a sure fire way to frustrate yourself, pretty quickly. Don’t kid yourself that you can just build those muscles, and add height to your jump. Make those muscles big and slow and you can forget reaching the highest heights possible.

This is where the right training comes in. Now if you have access to a professional coach, of NBA or NCAA D-1 standard, go ask them how it’s done. They’ll probably tell you the same.

For anyone else who wants to learn how to dunk, there are other ways of doing it, without expensive equipment or dedicating your whole life to the dunking sciences. Get a good training program. No, scratch that, get a great training program, designed for dunking by a seriously high quality coach.

For me, it was The Jump Manual, that aced my dunk. You have nothing to lose checking that out, if you want to jump high enough to feel air you never felt before. If you need extra height, get ready to slam it!


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