Jump Training: Why Endurance Training Could be Killing Your Dunk

By | May 18, 2010

Endurance training, where you teach your body to undergo and adapt to long term stresses, can be of benefit to certain disciplines, such as marathon runners. How will it affect your jump training and your dunk?

Define the Development

If you are trying to learn how to dunk you need to realize that you are not trying to become a marathon runner or a weight lifter. You need to train with this in mind. Yes, you will need to train and develop your muscles, but you’re not trying to create a situation where your muscles react in a way that’s unsuitable for your choice of athletic pursuit.

You need fast and responsive muscles, so that you stay agile, with lots of pop to go for the jump. It’s no good creating any sort of artificial situations where you are training doesn’t suit the sport of Basketball. That’s where jump training comes in.

Why Fatigue Kills Intensity

Trying to expand your capacity to jump when you are at a point of fatigue just doesn’t work. If you run as fast as you can and then, immediately, try to go for a big vertical jump you’ll see the results are far less than you’d expect. Basketball combines running and jumping, as part of its core, but jump training won’t work effectively if you run intensely for a minute first.

What you need to do is to realize that for the purposes of jump training you need to be able to put the maximum intensity into each and every jump. If you are feeling the burn too much you won’t get to throw the required intensity into each repetition. And if you can’t put enough weight or repetition behind each and every attempt you won’t get the effect you want.

Strength & Power Vs Endurance

Strength and power are best developed by completing exercises with high intensity and low ranges of repetition. Any exercise programs which ask you to complete hundreds of repetitions of the same exercise are going to increase your muscle endurance, but not the strength and power of your muscles- which is what you need for dunking or jump training.

It can be very difficult for a body to be trained to be fast and powerful at the same time as developing endurance. They are not very compatible forms of training. Marathon runners can run for hours, but they won’t be as fast as sprinters and their jump, compared to a basketball player, will be tiny. You have to know what your body needs- Specialize to get the ultimate results.


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