New NBA Season – Why Wait For The Next Dunk Star?

By | October 29, 2010

The new season of the NBA is here. Just thinking about the start of a new season is enough to get me excited about basketball.

Not only is it one of the most exciting, if not the most exciting, sports in the world, I know I can look forward to some epic dunking, which I’ll look to for inspiration, in my mission to learn how to dunk like a pro.

The ball players will have been training hard, during the off-season. Some of them will become new dunking legends; others will be starting to fade.

You’ve also got all the new players, who will bring their skills to the NBA for the first time. Will any of these players become dunking greats? Will it happen soon? The all-star dunking contest could be a great opportunity for new dunking tips to come to the surface.

Will there be some new technique that’ll blow people’s minds? I’m hoping that there’ll be some big moves forward, a big leap in dunk style, which leaves people with their eyes popped out of their sockets.

I’ll be watching closely, hoping to spot something that I can adapt and develop, in my own style, to take out on to the court, when I play the guys I work with.

This makes me think about the future of dunking technique. While I’ll be paying really close attention to the NBA for new dunk tips and tricks, we have to remember that a lot of the best techniques often come from outside of the NBA system.

Some of the best dunking styles happen at half time shows, displays and out on the courts and streets, all around the world. You don’t have to be an NBA star to deliver a show stopping dunk. Maybe the next dunk star comes from somewhere way off the radar, for NBA fans.

Right now, you could be thinking about improving your dunk, or maybe you’re learning how to dunk from scratch. If you get your training right, apply the right knowledge and get out there, on the court, you might find that you can deliver the next killer dunk.

It’s certainly a thought I had for the longest time, before I could dunk. Now I’ll never be a Jordan level great, but that’s not saying I don’t bring my own style. Maybe someone, reading this right now, has what it takes to outclass Jordan in his prime, or just dunk on their co-workers in a crazy, unexpected way!

You just need to get the right approach to dunking, making sure the hard work you put in goes in the right direction, to maximize the height on your jump. From there, it takes a little, style, flair and dunk logic, to deliver something fresh.

If you want to learn how to dunk, at any level, you can’t afford to waste effort, training the wrong way. When I realized this, and decided to take dunking seriously I checked out The Jump Manual.

From there, I learned how I could maximize my jump. If you want to learn how to dunk, there’s no stopping you from doing the same. Whatever your situation, extra height equals better dunks- so maximize your jump and deliver what you’ve always wanted.


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