Plyometrics Exercises

By | August 10, 2009

The point of plyometrics exercises is to give explosive power to athletes for jumping and sprinting. With the right training and conditioning you can give yourself this power for activities such as basketball and volleyball. It is a different kind of training to the standard cardio and weight routines most people are familiar with though and the emphasis is on the explosive power.

Keep these things in mind when doing plyometrics.

plyometric strength training

Make sure you are full warmed up and you have stretched before you begin. This will help to avoid any injuries.

Focus on explosive movements. This is not about endurance but fast movements which will help you to jump higher and sprint faster.

Do not overdo it. If you are new to this then start slowly and work up to higher reps. If you push yourself too hard then you could be out of action with an injury.

Maintain solid foot positions and movement. You want your ankle to be controlled and to be landing on the ball of your foot instead of the sides of your feet. Concentrate on control as your feet touch the ground.

Avoid dampening your landing and if possible practice on the same floor as you will be using for your sport e.g. a basketball court or running track.

Remain balanced. You may find yourself losing balance when you start. That’s okay but try and work to a point where you are fully in control of your movements.

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