Stretching Tips To Help Your Vertical Jump

By | October 24, 2013

Last time, Jacob from the Jump Manual talked about plyometrics. in this next video he talks about how often you should stretch and how long your recovery time should be after a workout.

Here are some brief notes from the video.

Question from a viewer – Is it good to stretch your legs everyday and after legs workout is 2 days enough for recovery?

Yes, some people online suggest that any type of static stretching is bad and you should only do dynamic stretching. Jacob disagrees with this and believes that all types of stretching, both static and dynamic, will be good for preventing injuries, increasing blood flow, increasing potential performance, range of motion and lots of other things.

You can do it everyday, but you could even do it multiple times per day. If you are sitting for a long time get up and stretch. If you are standing for long periods of time you can sit down and stretch. Activate your muscles and get your range of motion going.

Don’t just do the typical stretches you may know, try and get your whole body involved. Stretching can help with overall strength, recovery of tendons and your balance. Stretching is a good thing.

Jacob believes if you jump on the bandwagon of thinking that you should limit your stretching or only do one type of stretching you can set yourself on a road towards potential injury as your body is not in an optimal state to perform.

The second part of the question is whether 2 days is enough recovery time after workout?

Jacob says that it is an impossible question to answer as it depends on your experience, your biology, your diet, depends on how intense your workout was.

Jacob recommends basing your recovery on your performance which means you have to track. If you’re not tracking your performance you probably don’t known when you need recovery and when you don’t need recovery. Same applies in learning how to jump higher – always track your results.

So, track your performance and when you see the drops and when you see your body is not performing explosively or you can’t move the same amount of weight you know you need more recovery. But you won’t know this until you are actually tracking your performance.

For a standard workout two days may be enough, but some workouts can take seven days or more!


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