Target These Muscles In Order To Jump Higher

By | September 12, 2013

Over the last couples of articles we have been looking at some of the great videos put out by Jacob Hiller of the Jump Manual training program. The last video covered increasing your hang time and exposed a simple myth that many people have about seemingly being able to ‘float’ in their air during a forward motion leap.

This next video looks at the muscles that you need to target in order to jump higher. As a lot if the information is statistical in nature, the video is very short and it is worth taking a look at the source to find out the exact percentages. Some athletes might not be interested, but if you want to become knowledgeable on the topic then this might add a further dimension when learning how to jump higher.

Video Notes

One of the keys to increasing your vertical leap is targeting the correct muscles.

What are the muscles involved during the vertical jump? These muscles are usually referred to as the prime movers along with muscles that could be considered of secondary importance.

There is a lot of data which covers percentages that each muscular workout gives to a vertical jump, but the comprehensive data will be covered in the article (see below).

The image in the video shows the movements involved in propelling the body upward during the positive phase of a vertical jump.

A. Lower body – hip extension knee extension plantar flexion
B. Back / Spine – Retroflexion
C. Shoulders- anteflexion

To see the data check out the article here.

Just a short video this time, but we’ll be back with another shortly.

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