“The Dunk’s Great But What About Your Other Skills”

By | May 28, 2010

If you’ve had the desire to dunk since you were a kid, chances are it’s been high up your list of things to achieve. As soon as you start achieving that goal it’s pretty easy to get totally caught up in it. The closer you get to the air required, the more and more you’ll want that height. The dunk is the glamour shot, it’s where the show is, but don’t let it throw off the rest of your game.

Don’t Forget the Other Skills

Jump Training and Dunking will do a lot for your overall game, giving you plenty of explosive power to pull out at anytime. But, don’t forget, you’ll need more than a good dunk to be at your best. Utilize what you’ve learned. Let it power you forward, don’t let your skills flatline.

There’s a lot more to legends like Michael Jordan or Vince Carter than a dunk- you want a legacy, even if it’s just amongst friends and co-workers, then you need it all covered.

effective ball handlingForgetting to hit every aspect of your game can halt your progress; it’s no good being able to dunk if you can’t get anywhere near the net. Basketball’s a complex sport, with lots of skills- every one of which needs to be on point if you want to maximize your result.

The Importance of Ball Handling

Whether it’s passing, dribbling or free throws, how you handle the ball is key. Any weakness you have can be exploited by other players, to stop you getting that shot. If you’re dribbling isn’t tight, how can you get anywhere near a dunk? Nobody’s going to give you an alley-oop if they think you’re a liability, with clumsy skills.

Getting your ball handling down allows you to become a much less predictable player. If you can change direction and speed with less effort, it’ll be harder for another player to read you. Which, of course, means you’ve got more chance to break away, for the dunk, right?

And if you know that other players are trying to work out your moves, to try and keep you locked down, how important is it that you can do the same? The more elements of ball handling you master, the higher your basketball intelligence becomes.

The more you lock down other players, the more chance you’ll have to do your thing, whether that’s a dunk or the amazing 3 point opportunity that comes from bringing the ball handling skills. Understand the ball, Improve your game and the higher knowledge follows.

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