The Jump Manual: A Jump Training Product Review

By | October 1, 2016

The Jump Manual

The Jump Manual










          • Video exercise library available on mobile, tablet, and desktop
          • Comprehensive nutrition plan
          • Accessible to beginners
          • Detailed guidance for each exercise


          • Requires 12 weeks for max results
          • Only available online

          Jacob Hiller’s vertical jump course, The Jump Manual, bills itself as ‘The Most Comprehensive Vertical Jump Program Available’. That’s a big claim, but can it live up to the hype?

          Of the select few jump training products out there, worth anyone’s time and hard earned money, The Jump Manual has always been up there with the best. At least, that’s what I’ve always been told by other dunk enthusiasts. Why does it have such a good reputation? Let’s take a look into the details.

          A Combined Approach

          jump manual courseWith The Jump Manual, you get a full set of materials, to support you on the way to developing your vertical jump. This includes videos, nutrition plans and wall chart templates, so that you can track the development of your vertical, over the weeks.

          It’s also designed so that it can be used by almost anyone, to get the right results, whether you’re 12 or 42. Most people train incorrectly and rob themselves of the results they are looking for- this program is designed to help anyone avoid these common training mistakes. If you’re serious about increasing your vertical jump it’s important that you invest your efforts in an effective program.

          There’s a real focus on developing explosive power, which is as I’ve learned, the key to dunking and there’s a lot of scientific basis to the techniques in The Jump Manual. You’re not just going to be hitting one of the training elements you need. This jump training product’s going to hit them all.

          One-on-One Support

          Now, this is one thing you don’t always see- a product where you can get answers to training questions you have, via email. This’ll help you to make sure you’re getting the most out of the program, every step of the way. You’ll get 30 days of this with the program, with an option to extend it further, if needed.

          It’s in the author’s interest to support your success too, as he guarantees an increase of 10 inches in 12 weeks, if you follow the program correctly. As with any reputable product available online, it’s backed by a full 60 day, money back guarantee, so you know that there’s real confidence behind this.

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          What’s The Training Like?

          The training emphasizes a multi-faceted approach, to make sure you’re hitting all the areas you need to get the vertical jump results you want.

          Jacob Hiller’s worked with a wide range of successful athletes, including NBA players. And, with over 10 years of experience as a quickness and verticality coach, you know he’s picked up, and taught, things that you won’t work out on your own!

          Is It Safe?

          It’s put together by an expert coach, not some writer or marketer, with a little research under their belt, so the program’s designed to be as safe as possible. It even has sections on injury prevention and proper rest and recovery, which you are urged to take very seriously. You won’t get the best results unless you train safely, after all.

          A Word of Caution

          This program is not a walk in the park. If you are serious about improving your vertical leap, you must expect to work hard at it. While this course will be manageable for most people, it is important to prepare yourself for a tough schedule.

          Simply following the basics here might be enough to get you some improvements, but to seriously change your jump ability you will need to commit to the course.

          Does It Work?

          The stringent guarantee, along with the focus on scientific method, is a good indication as to the product’s effectiveness. The fact that Jacob Hiller’s had considerable coaching experience should also instill your faith in the product.

          Jacob’s been able to get a lot of good, solid testimonials from customers who are satisfied with the program. This should also be a good indication that The Jump Manual is a successful product. There seems to be a great pride taken in supporting users to achieve their dunking goals, which is always good to see.

          All in all, The Jump Manual has a reputation as a premium ‘How to Dunk’ product and the reputation is deserved. It’s comprehensive and effective, with something to offer athletes of all levels and ages. I’m happy to give it a positive review and suggest athletes can really benefit from it. But, as ever, take a good look for yourself before you commit to the system. If you like what you see, be prepared to follow the system, focus your mind, and work hard!

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          219 thoughts on “The Jump Manual: A Jump Training Product Review

          1. James

            Nice write up. Jump Manual deserves all the praise it gets and Jacob really is a cool guy to learn from.

          2. Cris

            Im glad I decided to try this program. The Jump Manual is really well put together. I only just started using it so dont have major results yet, but its only matter of time.also i agree that jacob is a really good coach.

          3. Ruth

            I never thought I would see the day where someone has written a how to manual on jumping. I mean seriously they are teaching you how to jump so you can play basketball better? What is there to it anyway except you jump up as high as you can, if you keep doing that as practice wouldn’t you naturally get better and higher?

          4. Donald

            This is a very interesting blog and it is true what they say “white men can’t jump I have been vertically challenged since I was a kid and that is unfortunate for me because I am 6’3 and can’t jump to save my life so I need this manual myself. It would be terrific if I could learn this by summer so I can show the guys that I can play basketball after all.

          5. Ryan

            Thank you for posting this. I can’t believe that someone has finally made something like this to show you exactly how to jump properly and get the most height out of every jump. I have always wanted to slam dunk but I’m only five foot six inches tall, do you think this will help even me? I always wanted to be one of those guys that was tall enough that you didn’t have to jump.

          6. Adee

            Great program. Been going a while now but yet to be beat. Jacob a pro teacher and this is perfect for anyone looking to get a better vertical.

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