Vert Shock Review – What’s the Verdict on Vertshock?

By | November 6, 2015

Vert Shock

Vert Shock










          • Clear 3-phase system that's easy to follow
          • Tracker to monitor progress
          • Recommended foods for optimum results
          • Weekly emails to check you are progressing


          • Not suitable for those who cannot commit to 8 weeks training
          • No free or low-cost trial


          Can You Really Add 9 – 15 Inches to Your Vertical Jump with the Vert Shock Program?

          That’s the promise made by Adam Folker in his Vert Shock program and in this review we’ll take an indepth look into what you can expect.

          vertshockThe Folkersystem Vert Shock was developed by Adam Folker and Justin ‘Jus Fly’ Darlington to teach how a regular person can radically improved their jump. Between them, these guys have added a combined 32 inches to their vertical jumping, ultimately allowing them to hit eye-catching dunks whenever they get onto the court.

          The program promises an increase of 9 – 15 inches over an 8-week period, with the course split into 3 separate phases (more on these in just a moment). We’re all used to online hype these days, but there are countless testimonials showing proof of results for this course, so don’t under-estimate the improvements you can make.

          The course has been developed for digital download, so you can get started immediately on your computer, tablet, or phone.

             Download Vert Shock

          Who Can Benefit from Vert Shock?

          The obvious answer is basketball players. The two creators are both well known in the basketball world and numerous ball players have benefited from the program. Whether you are a casual after-work player, a young college prospect, or more experienced in the game, you can use the program as part of your workout routine.

          However, it’s not just basketball players that will benefit. Volleyball players need to have an exceptional vertical jump, while high jumpers need to generate the same kind of power. Even football players, sprinters, and other athletes can increase their explosive power, leading to more force and more speed.

          Who is Adam Folker?

          adam folkerAdam didn’t start as an athletic type of guy, but he used this to his advantage by learning to train the smart way. He was born in Markham, Ontario, Canada, and started as a point guard before moving to the forward position. He was named one of the top 5 high school basketball players in Canada, before signing with UC Irvine. He took his vertical leap from 14 inches to 32 inches and went on to earn certification in strength and conditioning.



          Check out a quick dunk from his time at UC Irvine:


          What About Justin ‘Jus Fly’ Darlington?

          justin jus fly darlingtonIf you’ve spent a long time watching dunk videos on YouTube, you’re probably already familiar with Justin. Some people believe he’s the world’s best dunker and he has plenty of trophies to back it up. His vertical is an incredible 50.1 inches and even Lebron James was impressed when he gave Justin the Nike Dunk Contest award. Justin knows almost everything you need to know about dunking making him a valuable member of the Vert Shock team.


          This short video shows Justin at a dunk contest:

          So What’s Inside?

          • Quick Start Guide – everything you need to get started
          • Pre-Shock Phase Workout Plan – get your body ready to fly
          • Shock Phase Workout Plan – add those inches day by day
          • Post-Shock Phase Workout Plan – permanent muscle integration
          • Step-By-Step Exercise Videos – study everything frame-by-frame
          • Vert Tracker – keep track of your progress

          Pre-Shock Phase Workout Plan takes place over the first 7 days. The aim is to get you in the right shape for the next phase, but Adam anticipates 3 – 5 inches improvement to your vertical. Don’t worry if you don’t make see this change as it’s only the first week.

          Shock Phase Workout Plan is the major part of the program, lasting a total of 6 weeks. This is an intense, but manageable, phase that shocks your body into change. If you follow the program as it is laid out for you, expect to increase your vertical on a consistent basis.

          Post-Shock Phase Workout Plan is the final week of the program, putting into place everything you have done over the previous 7 weeks. This is a vital phase as your body has been through an intensive regime and needs to get used to that for sustained results.

          Quick Vert Shock Summary

          It is clear a lot of work has gone into Vert Shock, from the training itself through to the way it is presented. Adam and Justin have created a system that is getting results and they are heavily invested in getting you success. Compared to most of the basic jump training programs on the market, this is a cut above.

          Added Bonuses

          vert shock bonus

          4 Vertical Jump Killers – Most people make the same jump training mistakes featured in this manual. Learn how to avoid each of the common mistakes that almost everyone makes.

          5 Dirty Secrets To Jumping Higher – Some quick ‘hacks’ you can use to get fast results. Use these alongside the main course for improved results.

          Weekly Check-Ins – Ensure you remain consistent with these weekly emails. Everyone can use a little push and these check-ins ensure you stay on course.

          Jumper’s Diet Checklist – Diet and nutrition is always a problem for athletes. Learn what food Adam recommends for all jumpers… and also what to avoid.


          It has to be said, there are far more pros than cons for Vert Shock. This isn’t surprising when you consider the track record of the coaches and the amount of time they spent creating the program.

          • A well laid out course that anyone can follow. Smart, but free from over-complicated jargon.
          • Created for everyone, regardless of experience, background, or current ability.
          • No extra equipment required. No gadgets needed and you don’t need access to a gym or basketball court.
          • Great support. The guys have created a great community of supporters all looking to reach their goals.
          • Solid guarantee. If you don’t see any results, there is a 60 day money back guarantee.
          • Affordable for the value. While there are cheaper vertical jump programs, they are usually very basic. Think how much 2 experienced coaches would cost for 8 weeks and you can see the value.
          • Focused on results. Too much fitness advice is based on theory and the latest fads. This course is designed for people who want results and are willing to work for them.


          There are no huge flaws to be found in this program, but if you aren’t willing to work hard you won’t get the same results as other users.

          • Commitment and dedication is required. This is an 8 week course, so if you aren’t prepared to stick with it you’ll be wasting your time.

          My Vert Shock Review Final Verdict…

          Adam Folker and Justin Darlington have put together a great course, packed with tons of great content in an easy-to-follow structure. Everything from the content, the exercises, and the science are all researched and proven to work by real life students and coaches. This isn’t a walk in the park, so be prepared to work at it. However, they have made sure the body is not at risk of injuries, with the knowledge that many people aren’t professional athletes.

          If you have been wondering how to increase your vertical, what basketball workouts you should follow, and whether you could ever dunk, Vert Shock can answer all those questions. The program comes highly recommended and, with the digital download, you could start within the next few minutes.

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