Volleyball Training

By | August 10, 2009

The fundamentals of successful volleyball training include getting a higher vertical jump, increasing stamina and gaining an explosive and potent power. While it is important to work on your skillset such as spiking and passing, without a strong physical prowess these will never see their true potential.

In order to really maximize your physical ability you should work on your strength while also allowing some time for aerobic work. The strength aspect should manifest itself in powerful and explosive leaps and strikes of the ball.

To really get the best leap and add inches to current jump you can work on plyometric exercises. These are the best kinds of exercises for sports such as basketball and volleyball and here are a few examples.

average vertical jump volleyball

Squats. You are probably familiar with squats if you have done any kind of athletic training before. In order to improve your jump power though you should aim to go down into the squat relatively slowly and then explode up. Your muscles get stretched and over time you will get that fast action you see in volleyball players.

Push ups. These are similar to traditional push ups but with a small twist. As with a normal push up you slowly lower your body to the floor but as you are at the lowest point you then push up quickly so your hands leave the floor. This action will help with your upper body power.

If you want a complete system for working on your vertical jump then you should check out the rest of the site. Our vertical jump recommendations are focused on basketball, but they are also effective for volleyball in all aspects.

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