Why I Learned To Dunk

By | May 26, 2010

Everybody’s got their own reasons to learn how to dunk. I love to hear their stories and compare notes, so I hope everyone else feels the same!

My Early Basketball Years

I played in school, right up until Junior High, but I’ll admit moving on to high school killed it. All of a sudden I was surrounded by these ridiculous good players, most of them were crazy tall too- so I just gave up.

basketball playersI know that’s a pretty goofy thing to do and I really wish I’d stuck at it, especially now I’m playing more regularly. I really feel like I’d wasted a few years.

So, between the time I hit high school and my first real job after college. Apart from a quick holiday game or two, with my brother, I didn’t touch a ball for years-unless playstation counts!

Back in the Game

I got sucked back into it when I found out about a regular after work game with the guys at my office. I was fresh out of college. These sessions were getting an epic reputation already – lots of competition and rivalries and it sounded like a good time.

You know how sometimes you return to something, after a while, and you remember what was great about it straight away? That was me with playing ball, it just clicked- plus it reminded me of the rivalry I had with my older bro back when we were kids.

The Rivalry

All it took for me to want to learn how to dunk was a little bit of rivalry with some guys who were of similar ability. This wasn’t like watching NBA games or even college play, every one of the guys had strengths and weaknesses. But one guy, who’s generally decent, loved to run his mouth!

I just couldn’t help getting more and more competitive every time he worked his mouth about some okayish move. He could just about dunk and he never stopped going on about it. So, I decided I was going to learn to dunk harder and give him some schooling!

The Payoff

During the weeks I was learning I didn’t say a word. My game was getting better each time we played, but that was just through building up my explosive power. When I was ready to unleash the dunk I just slammed it, right after my rival started yapping about some lucky bounce.

I didn’t say anything I just did it. Jaws dropped and heads were blown. My yappy friend just shut up- for once.

It was priceless, probably my best moment on the court. Y’know, the kind of thing where you don’t say anything at the time you just wait until everyone asks you about it over beers, just so you can soak it up.

All it takes is a little effort and a good training program and you won’t even have to brag about it. You just wait until after the game- people will find you and want to know how it’s done!

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  1. Dave

    I wish I’d stuck with basketball at school so I can relate

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